A Thing About the Quirky Porkfolio Piggy Bank

Quirky Porkfolio

I have quick little update on my Porkfolio…

It seems that my Porkfolio has been having inconsistent issues with depositing pennies and dimes.  As mentioned in my earlier post on the Porkfolio, it has a checkered reputation when it comes to connectivity and reliability.  I have not, for the most part, experienced issues, but this is one that has definitely shown up more often than not.

What’s nice is that, regardless of this glitch, I’m still able to log those deposits using the app, which allows you to manually add change in increments of one penny at a time.


So, so it’s a minor issue that can be worked around with Porkfolio, but to be fair, it is an issue nonetheless.

And that’s the latest!

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