Thing 00,013: The Land Rover Experience

The Land Rover Experience, Carmel, CA

The Land Rover Experience is something every Land Rover owner and enthusiast should attend at least once…even though it’s not cheap (if you don’t own one).

Land Rover leases space from golf courses, estates, and other organizations to set up their off-road courses for people to take their vehicles out and see what they can do.

This goes a long way toward legitimizing the SUVs since they are, for the most part, used by soccer moms to haul kids and groceries.  Really.

In my case, I visited the Land Rover Experience located within the boundaries of Quail Lodge Golf Resort in Carmel California, north of Los Angeles, and boy was it awesome.

Unfortunately, given that we are in a drought, there was no fording of lakes to be done, but there were plenty of rocks, ruts, gravel, and…yeah.

On my particular day, a Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, and older Discovery showed up to participate in the fun.  While there, I was able to get the instructor to take a video of some 3-wheel fun we had while driving the course:

And then there was this too:

And if these two magnificent films aren’t enough, below is a selection of images as well:

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If this is something you’re interested in checking out, you can find your closest location here, and get ready to shell out the bucks:

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