Thing 00,014: The Orpheum Theatre


You know the Orpheum Theatre better than you realize.  It is one of the most iconic movie palaces and stage venues in the world, and has been the location for numerous films, television shows, music videos, and television commercials.

The Orpheum, along with several other glitzy movie palaces opened during the Great Depression to offer Angelenos an escape from the realities of their impoverished lives.

The Orpheum is located at 842 Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles, and, like many old gala theatres, sits sideways inside an otherwise nondescript office building that looks like it was built on top of, and around, the theatre.

I’m not sure about that though, I could be totally wrong.  Someone else can do the research on the Orpheum and fact check me.

Underneath the Orpheum, in what you might call the “basement” is a lounge area and restrooms, and what used to be a bar.  For some reason, they’ve moved the bar to a space next door to the Orpheum.  I don’t know why…

After entering the lobby of the Orpheum, you can climb the stairs to the second level, and get a better look at the chandeliers and other detail in the foyer.

All in all, there are three levels at which you can enter into the Orpheum theater.  It’s a great workout climbing the stairs to the top for sure.

Some of the Orpheum’s more memorable appearances include Last Action Hero, Austin Powers in Goldmember, the music video for Guns ‘N Roses November Rain off the Use Your Illusion double album, and most recently, the Oscar™ winning film, Whiplash.

The Orpheum is not normally open, but often hosts concerts, live theatre, and classic movie revivals.  I have seen 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Citizen Kane there.

Let’s look at some pictures:

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