Month: May 2018

Rover Thoughts: Smog Check Update –> FAILED!

Well I certainly didn’t expect this lovely 2006 Range Rover Sport with 126,000 miles to fail its first smog check since I got it. It turns out it failed on a technicality: finicky cruise control that triggered a check-engine light. While the vehicle passed its emissions and leakage tests, unfortunately, I had experienced a check-engine […]

Car Thoughts: Smog Check Time…

FINGERS CROSSED WE PASS THE SMOG CHECK TO BE CONTINUED… Also, if this is your first time joining us on this journey, you might want to read this post to get caught up, or as a refresher if you joined us earlier on.

20K Thoughts: I’ve given it some thought and…

Time for some morning thoughts! Okay, I’ve thoughtsed, I’m going to try to resurrect the content from my original 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea fan site that I built as a teenager at this domain twenty years ago. I know, it’s hard to believe that logo was high resolution back in 1998. It seems I still […]

Movie Thoughts: Deadpool 2 was Meta-Fantastic

Mind you, I may be a little biased  toward Deadpool as I think all the X-movies have risen to the occasion and been better than I had expected they would be going in.  It’s rare to go see a movie that just tosses all the rules (except for Rule #2: Label everything in the […]