Travel Thoughts: The Anza Borrego Serpent Sculpture

I had no idea Anza Borrego had a random iron serpent sculpture out in the desert before instagram, which is an embarrassing thing to admit, but I also have this thing where if I see a cool thing or event on social media, I go see it, and that’s how I ended up here.

After ditching my impractical but supposedly (but not really) earth-friendly EV and getting an impractical and abstractly (but not really) earth friendly SUV, I committed myself to exploring as much of the continental US by roads traveled as I could (time and funds permitting). I successfully made it here (about a four-hour drive overnight to capture sunrise) and to Hearst Castle before I was unceremoniously cut loose from a temporary work assignment I was contracted to be at through the end of May at the earliest.

So while future jaunts are currently on hold, I did yeoman’s work in getting out there beforehand, and this was one of the results.

L1000538(The Anza Borrego Serpent)

I was quite surprised at the degree of detail this fella had. Walking up close revealed a good degree of texture as well. There were other less-detailed animals sprinkled across the desert but I was there for a very precise picture and leaving this sculpture to photograph the others would have meant potentially missing golden hour and the sun peaking through its mouth. I can of course, always return but for now, the serpent is my muse.

If you’d like to visit the serpent yourself, it can be found in Galleta Meadows here.