Travel Thoughts: Barley Forge Brewing Co. in Costa Mesa, California

After finishing my tea at Milk & Honey, I wound up over at Barley Forge Brewing Co. across the street for a St. Patrick’s Day Lunch of corned beef, excellent cabbage, mashed potatoes, and some token carrots (no clue why those were there, I hate carrots…). Oh, and also beer.


My favorite of their in-house craft brews would have to be the ‘Grandpa Tractor.’ It’s light, but not too light, crisp, and refreshing, seriously the only three words that should ever be used to describe beer. One thing I can’t stand about wines and wine tasting are all the metaphors used to describe the stuff. No, beer should be crisp and refreshing. Bam. Done. End of story. It’s harder than you think to find beer like this though. Nowadays, breweries are trying to make their marks by coming up with all kinds of weirdness in beer texture and flavor that I’m not going to get into…including Barley Forge…so all you need to know, is that their Grandpa Tractor is fabulous and doesn’t mess around.

Here is Barley Forge’s Website.