Coffee Thoughts: BLVD CAFECITO – My Other New Coffee Stop

BLVD Cafecito is my other coffee-go-to in Magnolia park, in addition to my recently-discovered stop, The Palm. Also, we’re adding a new category: Coffee Thoughts…which means another category is inevitable: Beer Thoughts.

In upping my coffee game and morning routine to accommodate my personal policies on human interaction, I recently-and-happily discovered the newly-opened Palm Coffee Bar, and also turned to BLVD Cafecito, a small coffee bar running by a gentleman of cuban descent, that serves up Intelligentsia coffee. Like The Palm, there was a discount if you bring a thermos and don’t use a paper cup.

Inside there’s intimate (cramped) seating for about four people, but if you can snag a seat, it’s a nice spot to sip coffee and read your Kindle if you can read without being distracted by music and customer banter.

To be fair, the music isn’t loud, and the customers aren’t typically a bother either…unlike some other places.

One thing I’m looking forward to is the extension they’re building on the right, “BLVD Taco.”

Another great thing about Blvd Cafecito is that they donate to local school programs. I live down the street from an elementary school (and also filming location for Doug Demuro when he’s in LA…more on Doug in posts to come) that proudly waves the Cafecito flag and I’m all for that. You may have noticed, but to the right of my posts is a banner for Donors Choose, a wonderful site for donating to and crowdfunding public school programs and classrooms specifically. Please check them out. $10 can do a lot.

But now, I must get back to sipping coffee…

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