Movie Thoughts: Call Me By Your Name Was Magnificent

I Saw Call Me By Your Name and the theater was full of guys who clearly couldn’t get their girlfriends to see it with them. Weird, right?

This movie was stunning on so many levels. I don’t even know where to begin: The film is technically flawless, the story just as much. Timothy Chalamet absolutely deserves an Oscar nomination as does Armie Hammer and even Michael Stuhlbarg in his small but incredibly important role, delivering a speech for the ages that every child deserves to hear from their father as they struggle to come to terms with their sexuality and humanity.

At the end of the day though, to suggest that this movie is somehow narrowly focused on being gay or gay culture is hogwash…like that? I just used “hogwash”…it’s an undiluted story about love, and heartbreak, and toughing up and growing up. Who can’t relate to having to figure out for themselves how to be a an adult? Who can’t relate to the heartbreak that comes with life (not people) figures out how to ruin perfect love for you? I know I can. This is everyone’s story…except maybe for the peach. We all do messed up things as we come to grips with sexuality and there’s acknowledgement of that through Elio’s arc, but seriously….the peach? No.

Or maybe you’re a good human being who went and saw ‘Call Me By Your Name’ and know exactly what I’m talking about. In that case, I salute you for celebrating love, life experience, and exquisite filmmaking. Now step up and buy locally made clothing. You’re supporting good causes that way.

Because progressivism.