Local Thoughts: Heritage Square Needs Work

I should have titled my trip to Heritage Square as another live stream fail (similarly to Hearst Castle), but there was something about Heritage Square that offset my live stream errors and evened everything out: It wasn’t a very good museum.

I was really looking forward to using my cobbled-together vlogging system for the first time here, but wasn’t able to, not because I forgot a critical component (although that could have been the reason), but rather because photography wasn’t allowed inside the houses, and that’s just lame. Maybe there was a time when one could argue that camera flashes could damage vintage preserved surfaces on an artifact or fabric or room interior, but nobody uses camera flashes anymore (unless they’re the NoH8 Campaign or Terry Richardson) because camera sensors are so good and lenses are so fast that flashes are unnecessary.

Maybe Heritage Square is afraid of Instagram Influencers attempting to pose, scantily clad on the off-limits delicate furniture in order to get their followers to buy up their inventory of CBD. That actually makes a lot more sense. Okay Heritage Square, I figured it out for myself. Sometimes that’s just how people learn.

Oh but wait, it still wasn’t cool that the upstairs floors of each house were off limits. Not cool Heritage Square. I feel like I only got half my money’s worth.

But then again…it was Museums of the Arroyo Day so it was free, so I guess that’s not really the case either. Touche Heritage Square. Touche.

Okay, fine. I’ll say that Heritage Square is probably worth a visit and from time to time they utilize the houses for special exhibitions not directly related to their Historical Southern California Home Preservation and Restoration programs. I went there once for an art exhibit. I’ll see if I can dig those photos up at some point.

But in the meantime, you can visit Heritage Square here.

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