Travel Thoughts: Jazz Night on Thursdays at Der Rathskeller

I’ve found a wonderful new spot to go and experience jazz on Thursday nights. It’s in Pasadena, and it’s called Der Rathskeller.

Alright, I admit, if you watched that video, yes, it’s not jazz, it’s folk. It’s also my first crack at filming this jazz night, and on the night I went, they decided to mix things up a bit and have it be free form night, but normallyThursday nights are jazz nights at Der Rathskeller.

The bar has a sorta medieval gothy weird vibe, not the clientele mind you, but rather the murals painted on the walls. It is underneath its parent bar, Der Wolfskopf which is lighter and offers some pretty great German-ish food in addition to the full bar.

There are two things you can’t find downstairs:
1. Food
2. Cell reception/WiFi

In fact this has me thinking that perhaps William Randolph Hearst hung out here as well since he was on Verizon Wireless (#alternativefact).

Anyway, I shall be visiting Der Rathskeller from time to time, and hope to bring you more jazzy highlights in the months ahead.