Travel Thoughts: Milk & Honey in Costa Mesa, California

I live for small coffee roasters and Milk and Honey in Costa Mesa, California was a nice place to stop and feel serene while I waited for my car to get smogged.

APC 0213 hdr

Of course, I was also sick and so did not get the opportunity to sip coffee there, as I do prefer tea under such conditions, but in spite of that and the malfunctioning industrial ice maker along the wall that I found myself seated at, it was a lovely little experience.

Milk and Honey is a small establishment, with seating indoors to accommodate approximately thirteen people, and this lovely outdoor patio that can take on several more. I’d have more pictures of the interior but it was occupied by folks and I do endeavor to not take pictures of people in public without their permission…which they practically never give. I don’t always succeed in keeping folks out of shots, but I do my best.

IMG 3278

The Milk & Honey patio. Oh, look at that, you can see that I’m typing this post. How meta.

The playlist was set to Fleetwood Mac (always a strong choice) and people were coming in and out at a regular pace. I suppose the one thing to note about the place was that in the year 2018, their internet speed was rather slow. There seems to be a general issue with internet connections in independent coffee roasters, they’re very slow in general. I’m not sure if this is a strategy to turn around tables or simply the most affordable option that ISP’s offer small retail businesses, but your cheapest home internet option tends to blow away coffee shops in general.

IMG 3280

Now you know my secret to circumventing slow internet: MarsEdit

Anyway, there’s a very good chance that I’ll be returning here on the semi-regular as I now drive a vehicle that comes from a long lineage of problem-prone ancestors (fingers crossed I…”break the chain”…hat tip to Fleetwood Mac).

Milk & Honey is located at 2981 Bristol St in Costa Mesa, California.