Local Thoughts: I Found New Coffee (The Palm) Already

This is a quick note/update on a change to my super-important coffee regimen.

The Palm Coffee Bar Having just broken up with Romancing the Bean for siding with its clientele in inappropriately branding a daily regular like me (a terminable offense per personal policies) I subsequently found a new local coffee stop that is, for all intents and purposes better – The Palm Coffee Bar.

This coffee bar brews a bean from a roaster called Equator that is as good as Groundwork (what is brewed at Romancing the Bean), and sometimes better depending on the bean/brew.

The coffee bar itself is quite small inside, with only a low bench for waiting for a drink, and two small tables outside with seating for four people, which is fine. I was greeted by Barista Ben (who’s featured on their site) who was a kindred spirit and shared my interest in being green and we chatted for a moment about my coffee thermos (which I use in lieu of paper cups whenever possible).

The Palm joins the ranks of Blvd Cafecito (Intelligentsia brewers – will talk about them in a separate post) and Simply Coffee (Stumptown brewers, will chat about them as well).

Now with Groundwork, Stumptown, Intelligentsia, and Equator all represented in Magnolia Park, it’s safe to say that Burbank takes its coffee almost as seriously as the crowd down in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. No really. You haven’t experienced coffee roasters until you’ve been to Melbourne. It’s amazing.

But that’s a post for another day. For today, go check out The Palm. It’s lovely.

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