Movie Thoughts: Red Sparrow was a Slow Burn Espionage Thriller that Deserves More Credit

My mother saw Red Sparrow, and didn’t like it. A lot of critics saw Red Sparrow, and didn’t like it. I saw Red Sparrow, and I liked it. Which means I know more about movies than any of the people mentioned above.

No hear me out for a sec.

Many talk about how the torture scenes were too graphic or there were too many, yada yada yada blah blah blah, but to those people I ask this question: Have you ever seen any movie ever made? The torture scenes in Red Sparrow serve the story and are likely tantamount to the real thing. They don’t last long, and are intended to show what a tough you-know-what Lawrence’s character is…arguably the toughest in the movie.

Then there are those who talk about the gratuitous sex stuff and, well, again, no, this serves the story, and the character Dominika points this out when sarcastically asking her uncle the reason for sending her to “whore school.” Again, being a spy is dirty business. Ever watch the awesome show ‘The Americans?’ They allude to soviet spy sex training…it wasn’t fun.

So!…with that unpleasant defense out of the way, I’m saying Red Sparrow was good, and just accept that sex and torture are par for the course in the world of espionage and then all will be right with the world.