Movie Thoughts: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri Used the OTHER Harvey Weinstein Tactic

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri is not the great movie everyone says it is. It’s not bad by any means, and Sam Rockwell’s acting is superb, but the reason it won the oscars it did were largely due to the OTHER strategy Harvey Weinstein was known for, namely: SHMOOZING. So I would say bravo to Fox Searchlight as they did an AMAZING job of marketing this movie to critics, association members, and festival organizers.

See the thing is what we have here is an exquisitely directed and well-acted film that falls apart in the story, which shows know redemption in the characters, and questionable character constructs at best. I found McDormand’s portrayal of Mildred rather puzzling. Mildred is portrayed as a late-in-life lesbian who dresses entirely in shop suits working in an Ebbing gift shop with an enlightened young African-American millennial.


There’s a red herring in the form of a copycat rapist-killer who’s also military special forces who randomly harasses Mildred who nobody knows but seems familiar enough with townsfolk.

Also odd.

There’s the fact that Sam Rockwell’s character seems to be on the road to redemption and never really suffers any consequences from his actions (apart from being set on fire and deliberately getting himself beat up by the red herring).

Bad writing or an attempt to use the Cohen Brothers’ cheat….which is essentially “we’ve won so many Oscars that now we’re going to make bad movies and laugh when critics say they’re great.” What happened to you two Cohen Brothers?! You were my dawgs yo!

So my point is that it won Oscars on the strength of its marketing campaign and the energy Fox Searchlight put into it on the festival circuit. If anyone deserves the Oscar, it’s that team.