Welcome to My Social Media

This post on social media is going to stay sticky for a while as an introduction to what exactly is going on here:

I’m leaving social media as a tool for sharing ideas and sharing content.

I’m tired of places like FaceBook and Twitter where all anyone does anymore is complain about politics and share false or temporary happy moments from their romantic relationships, all with the intent of being validated with ‘likes’ and comments and shares and re-shares.

And things aren’t getting better.

Because of this, I have decided to go back to basics by getting more complicated and restarting my blog. I’ve never been about sharing memes, I don’t agree with people by ‘liking’ stuff they re-share from who-knows-who-it-is-but-lets-blame-Russia, and I seriously do not need to know how happy you are with your emotionally abusive partner in between fights (or worse).

Here you will find my thoughts on things, experiences, places, life, the zeitgeist, and everything else. Granted, you will at times think I’m wrong, or offensive, I really don’t care. I never got a lot of likes on any social platform, and they all made money off my stuff.

That brings me to my last point: There are ads here. Say what you want, all your posts on social media were making other people money. I mean, it’s great that everyone is charitable like that and helping others out, but I’ve decided that I might as well get in on that action, so yes, I’m monetizing my unsellable opinion. Oh…it’s unsellable for less than $10 million. If you want to give me that much money and you aren’t hurting or killing anybody, then I’m down. Just sayin’.

Anyway, welcome to my site. Let’s see where this goes.

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